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Thinking About Prince

Is this what it sounds like when doves cry? A true artist who changed the face of music: brilliant story teller...wild chance taker -refused to worrying about what "others" thought- His...

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Night trees

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. Abraham Lincoln #mentor #Abrahamlincoln #stonedesign #Architecture...

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Breathtaking moment just before the sun shifted  and changed everything.

A bravura performance by Mother Nature who never lets me down and always inspires/influence my design direction.

#primitivepower #mothernature #designbynature #hotrocks #couturestone



Chanel Boston

I work with the most amazing team at Cumar Marble and Granite- here we are viewing my co-worker Carlo’s project- the Peter Marino designed… super ROCK STAR Bath at the Channel boutique in Boston Ma.

#rockstar #Couturestone #hotrocks #Chanelboston

The beauty and peace linger in the sound of silence ….

It is  where one finds the secret recipe to restore creativity. It is a unique learning experience and can be the vital link for great inspiration!  A perfect piece of furniture for me  this stone chair.

Enjoying the Summer breeze, among the fragrant wildflowers,rejuvenated by the sea salt mist…this is where you will find me.

#hotrocks #couturestone #restoration

Searching far and wide for the unusual is the journey of any artist,designer, writer or composer.

Sometimes the music,art and inspiration are right in front of you .  The wind made the sea grass sing, the leaves in the background rattled a fast-paced rhythm & the colors gave the nostalgic glimpse of the Summer of 2015 and shifted into the October fall. The colors are a pallet I can’t wait to design around!

#hotrocks #couturestone #designinspriration


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