A True Rock Star

Dawn Carroll is rock solid when it comes to her work. Literally. Creative designers like Carroll, who source granite and marble for the design of exquisite kitchens, baths and foyers, are an invaluable resource for the Who’s Who of top builders, architects and designers. Anyone looking to incorporate the finest stone into their projects will immediately turn to a stone designer to make it happen. Whether a luxury home or a commercial development, Carroll will find a distinctive, one-of-a-kind product.”Dawn is a true stone professional who understands that selecting a particular type of stone for a specific application is only the beginning to a successful project,” says Jean Verbridge, of Siemasko + Verbridge of Beverly. “her expertise is in pursuing the exact stone to satisfy the aesthetics and the dimensional requirements of a project, in overseeing on-site templating, and supervising the final installation.”

Dawn’s participation in residential design and construction 2009 contributed to wealth of intellectual energy that is priceless. I know from personal experience the significant effort Dawn had to invest in preparation for this event and I am grateful. BSA president Jim Bachelor FAIA asked me to express his appreciation as well.

Nancy Jenner

Director, Boston Society of Architects

Dawn Carroll is just plain awesome.  She is a blonde dynamo when she enters the room, giving 200% to anything she applies herself, and her great generosity of spirit is the best part of the package.  Her compassion, her sense of humor, her artistic sensitivity and intuition, her intelligence and quick wit, are only a few of the reasons she is beloved by all who know her.  She gets the job done, and she gets it done right.  She makes no excuses, demands the best of herself and encourages those around her to do likewise.  I am honored  and humbled to call her my friend.
Jessica Locke

Executive Director, Firefighters Fund

It is a great pleasure that I recommend Dawn Carroll. dawn has worked with our firm on numerous projects, the most recent a home in Stonington, CT. Throughout the duration of the project Dawn remained professional, energetic, and extremely customer oriented. her knowledge of various kinds f stone proved to be incredibly helpful when deciding which would suit the home best. dawn’s character stayed positive and friendly even after she tirelessly went out to find different slabs of stone. With all the different samples she brought, all were distinctive and of the highest quality. her commitment and dedication resulted in a beautiful home that the client loves. I reccomend Dawn without hesitation.

Marryann Thompson


When Eric Roseff called me last Winter and said he was doing a fun project at Neiman Marcus, I never guessed that we would be teaming up with Dawn Carroll and Cumar to light very beautiful, very tall, 3 dimensional columns!

The room was amazing! Complete with a gold leafed frame surrounding a malachite colored stone and a stunning blue Venetian plaster adorning the wall, we were able to back light the columns to make them really POP!  You could see the columns from far down the hall ~ it was enough to draw many admirers into these beautiful rooms over the course of the holidays ~

The collaboration was a success! Everyone who touched the displays added their own type of flavor and expertise ~ I can’t wait to see what we do next!!


I thought it was a very successful event. The M-Geough owners and staff were great hosts. Patti and Taniya were pros.The panelists had a great vibe and a similar set of values and the people form the audience who I spoke to at the reception really seemed to not only have enjoyed the discussion but felt they got something meaningful out of it. WOW is right––that is mentoring at its best and fun too.

Andrew Goldstein

LinkedIn says “you taught Dawn” but it would make more sense to say that Dawn taught me. Her leadership demonstrated via Over My Shoulder Foundation is the embodiment of mentoring and couldn’t be a better example to cultivate mentorship in our society. With Dawn’s guidance, I wrote one of my best essays about a woman mentor who changed the course of my life. I’m massively inspired to know that Over My Shoulder Foundation continues to foster such world-changing relationships and honored to be a part of it all.

Arno Michaelis

Speaker, Filmmaker, Author of My Life After Hate, Co-Author of The Gift of Our Wounds

Catalano Architects has been working with Dawn Carroll, and her team at Cumar, for years. Dawn is great to work with and her knowledge of stone and stone fabrication makes our jobs easier. Cumar has executed some very complex projects for us and the work has been outstanding.We would not hesitate to recommend Dawn to all of our clients and builders.

Thomas Catalano

President, Catalano Architects Inc.

I have worked with Dawn on many projects. Dawn’s ability to locate unusual stone and apply specialized finishes makes Dawn and Cumar my go to destination for all projects. Recently, I asked Dawn to execute my design for a kitchen island and media room fireplace treatment she had never previously executed. Her dedication to the precision of the project and the timeliness of the process were superlative! Thank you Dawn for yet another perfect job!

Paula Daher

Principal, Daher Interior Design

Dawn is a rare individual in the stone industry. She has the eye of the artist, the skills to manage a project from start to finish and a thorough knowledge of stone materials. Plus (and this is truly unique in our business) she has the ability ot stay positive.

Robert Spencer

Owner, Irish Limestone-US/Minerva Design

I have been lucky enough to have known Dawn Carroll for about 4 years. Ironically, I had heard many outstanding things before that time as I had started a small granite fabrication company and was unfortunately in direct competition with her impeccable service and technical knowledge as it related to the stone industry. What I had not been exposed to was the amazing work she does with mentoring young people and those within our tight-knit industry. I have attended various Over My Shoulder Foundation events and have been awe-struck with how Dawn and her colleagues have touched so many lives. My first experience with the foundation was at the Michael Dukakis Event at the Liberty Hotel a few years back. Attorney Rick Dyer honored Governor Michael Dukakis and the policies he implemented which enabled Dyer to turn his life around. Rick Dyer served 8 sentences for drug and criminal offenses but with the help of lawyers, judges and his family rehabilitated himself. Received his GED and law degrees and was eventually pardoned by Dukakis in 1983. It was an inspiring event and Dawn, along with Patti Austin presented this worthy foundation in spectacular fashion. It was well attended by over 300 people and the individuals who were highlighted brought the fundamentals of the foundation to life. The event was a perfect mix between content and conversation!

We consider Dawn a friend and close industry partner and the projects we deliver are better with her involvement. Thank you Dawn and keep up the outstanding work in the field and with the foundation!

Jon Fox

Director of Business Development, Ken Vona Construction, Inc.

Thank you Dawn! 
What a fantastic night!!
I personally want to thank you all for being so awesome! It was a fun and informative night and you guys made mine and Patti’s job as moderators very easy!  
All the best!
Taniya Nayak

TV Personality, Restaurant: Impossible

I really enjoyed working with Dawn. her assistance was invaluable in helping me to select the stone that I wanted for my kitchen. I really appreciated how she took me to the Design center to look at Irish Limestone, and offered to take me wherever needed to look at stones that i might b interested in.I felt like she was on top of my project all the way through. I would (and have) recommend dawn to anybody I know who needs stone, and hope to work with you again soon on our commercial projects.

Linda S. Smiley

Senior Associate, Burt Hill

As the producers of Boston Design Week we have been honored to host several events created and produced by Dawn in the past two years, both for the festival itself and a special kick-off event Dawn co-produced with us last fall. The kick off event, “Home for the Holidays” was hosted by the Boston’ location of Neiman Marcus department store and required the complete construction of three designer showcase rooms within the store’s gift department.  The showrooms were on view from October through the holidays.  The kick off event was attended by more than 200 individuals representing the highest levels of the design industry in Boston. Both of the events which Dawn produced for the Boston Design Week festival in 2014 and 2015 had mentoring as their theme, reflecting her deep commitment to the next generation.

Tony Fusco

Producer, Fusco & Four/Ventures, LLC

Dawn Carroll and the Over My Shoulder foundation is a platform for hope. It is a seed that, when watered and nourished and encouraged grows to change lives. In the ten plus years that I have had the privilege to know Dawn Carroll she has always tended that seed with her deepest passions: no one should be alone, possibility should always have a long horizon, people can change perspectives. Over My Shoulder has made a marked difference in my community of Boston bringing previously unbeknownst awareness to the very concept of mentoring. Celebrating it through award programs like the (now coveted) MIDDIES (Mentors in Design), creating heartbreaking multi-media tributes to young women who changed simply because they had someone watching out for them, guiding them with a constant yet loving pressure to see something “other”, providing a platform that brought mentoring out of the shadows and into the realm of a deeply meaningful requirement. I have been personally reminded of my rights and responsibilities and seek to extend my network to match the constant yet loving pressure of Dawn’s incredible achievements. Thank you Dawn for all you have done so far and…you must carry on!

Allison Iantosa


I wanted to write this recommendation on behalf of my relationship with Dawn Carroll and all she has done, and continues to do, within our industry as well as her amazing philanthropic spirit outside the industry. She is truly one of a kind and I am lucky to call her a friend and colleague.

I wanted to highlight a few of the events that I have attended and was a part of over the years that Dawn has organized.
In June of 2012 I attended an event at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. It was an Over My Shoulder Foundation-Cumar Marble and Granite event which highlighted the importance of their main message…mentoring. It honored lawyer Rick Dyer who turned his life around with the help of his mentor, Governor, Michael Dukakis. It was so inspiring and I along with 300 other guests enjoyed listening to Grammy winner Patti Austin, who along with Dawn founded the Over My Shoulder Foundation.
Also, I was fortunate enough to attend another event Dawn organized in March of 2014. It was during Design Week and took place at Alex and Ani in Boston. It was called “Charmed by Charity: Mentoring in the Music, Design and Fashion Industries.” Alex and Ani was generous to donate 15% of the proceeds from the evenings sales to the Over My Shoulder Foundation. Janice O’Leary from the Robb Report was there and CUMAR Marble and Granite ,where Dawn is a spectacular stone specialist, also co-sponsored the event. Dawn performed with Jon Butcher a song specifically written for the event called “The Path of Life” it was amazing and the night was very uplifting…another job well done!
In October of 2014 Dawn was at it again and she launched the “Home for the Holidays” exhibit at Neiman Marcus in Copley Place. They basically took a small portion of their gift gallery and transformed them into vignettes depicting residences. Three designers…Paula Daher and her mentee Virgina Seherr-Thoss did one entitled Versailles. Gerald Pomeroy and his mentee Lauren Cozzi did the Balmoral Room, and Eric Roseff and his mentee, Evie Hickey designed the Winter Palace. All of this was organized by Dawn. Keeping her Over My shoulder focus right in front of her with each designer utilizing their mentee. It was fabulous!

Dawn is always blending the design industry and her Over My shoulder message. She has utilized some truly amazing individuals to help spread the power of mentoring.

I have been lucky to work closely with her as the Business Development Director for Ken Vona Construction. She is a true professional within the construction world and therefore it makes it very easy to support her Over My Shoulder cause. I will continue to a part of the many events for this cause in the future.

Bravo Dawn for a job well done…much appreciated.

Jon Fox

Kenneth Vona Construction