Owners of this rare time capsule had designed an entire room around the captivating 6′ tall perfectly preserved, museum-quality Water Lily fossil. While in storage, the crate tipped over and the fossil broke into many pieces. Museum consultants advised the owners to throw the fossil away. It was a catastrophe that this beautiful and valuable preservation of the past was destroyed.

After many years experts told the heartbroken owners that the fossil was ruined, the owners brought the precious piece to Dawn. Rarely does Dawn get involved in restoration but this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Together with her boss, renowned craftsman Ivo Cubi and the team of experts at Cumar,Inc. they completely  restored and reconstructed this mesmerizing fossil. She counts it as the most fascinating project she has worked on in her career. It took many hours, patience, talent and imagination to rebuild this magnificent treasure.