Like all art, music is a tonic for the mind, body, and soul. It traverses all borders, carrying messages that otherwise might go unheard. Music has the distinct ability to stimulate great ideas in minds young and old. It can create a sense of connectedness in those who feel alienated from their fellow man. Music can heal a broken spirit.


For nearly 20 years dawn has been a stone design and fabrication consultant to New England’s most prestigious builders, interior designers and architects. A highly regarded authority in the industry, Dawn is often seated on a panel discussions, sharing her expertise and representing her specialty in line of business.Her passion and knowledge for stone design is deep rooted and ever expanding.


I believe there is nothing more dangerous than a hopeless person. Without support and emotional sustenance, without a positive influence in our lives, we can become lost, disconnected, and unstable, both as individuals and as a society. The only cure is a good mentor. And when we mentor others, we get something mind-blowing in return—a lifetime of satisfaction.


Over My Shoulder Foundation shares stories that provoke thought, empathy & injects a mentoring spirit. Jon Butcher continuously comes to our aid, awakens the spirits with his talents, wisdom & expertise. Music cuts through all the noise, educates & illuminates. I’m so fortunate that he is willing to collaborate with me on subject matters that rattle the nerves & offer sweeping views of situations that need our immediate care. We dedicate this to all the children who are separated from their parents. Scars was provocative, educational & mind-blowing to write/craft… and I thank Alex for writing this with me. We hope you will share.


CUMAR Marble and Granite, located in Everett, Massachusetts, offers an inventory of stones unlike any other in the area. With over 20,000 slabs under one roof, their selection is both exquisite and rare, sourced from countries all over the world. Their marbles,...

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Pantone: Color of the Year

Last April, my boss and stone mentor Ivo Cubi, owner of Cumar Marble and Granite, sent me to Italy where I fell in love with a white, gray, black and “greenery” colored stone called “White Beauty.” It whispered my favorite mentoring question: What do you see that I...

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Couture Stone as Work of ART

People often ask, “What’s your favorite stone?” My answer is easy: one I haven’t seen before! Cutting-edge designers line up to get their hands on the most exotic stone lovingly harvested from all corners of the globe. Ivo Cubi at Cumar is the one who finds these...

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I like rooms that take me on adventure and stir my imagination.

 As designers we recognize potential as soon as we walk into an empty space- We mentor spiritless spaces.