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Thinking About Prince

Thinking About Prince Is this what it sounds like when doves cry? A true artist who changed the face of music: brilliant story teller…wild chance taker -refused to worrying about what “others” thought- His music was great because he did as he pleased… did not compromise to “fit-in” he became iconic because he was genius and adored for his charming frenzy & simple shyness – he broke down barriers- his infectious tunes blew up the charts … this was all after several unsuccessful attempts. The same ears that suddenly loved him, earlier in his career had rejected him. BUT… He never gave up on his dream- he had a story to tell and he was going to make sure we listened – Isn’t that a great mentoring legacy? Isn’t that life well lived. Thank you Prince for all your royal greatness… Nothing compares to you ‪#‎Paisleypark‬ ‪#‎RIPPrince‬‪#‎purplepassion‬ ‪#‎nevergiveup‬ #nothingcomparestoyou #mentor... read more

Rock Shopping

Rock Shopping Successful design starts with the “anchor” piece. Rock shopping for clients today #Hotrocks #Couturestone #Granite #stonedesign... read more

Night trees

Night trees Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. Abraham Lincoln #mentor #Abrahamlincoln #stonedesign #Architecture #designinspiration... read more

Dawn Vineyard- Inspiration

Dawn Vineyard- Inspiration Martha’s Vineyard serenade: star-filled, whisper-soft nights; Moody Mornings, sun-kissed days back to the mysterious foggy nights; Mesmerizing fire-fly ballets…the poetry in the crumbling stone walls…. craving a simpler existence. The Vineyard allows you to lose the signal of the mainland and be still. It absorbs all that you bring to its shores, and then tenderly washes away all the confusion, tension, and toxins. It’s a kind of magic. Working here hardly feels like work- surrounded by the turbulent seas. #hotrocks #couturestone #Marthasvineyard... read more

Stone Shopping

Stone Shopping Stone Shopping with my boss & mentor Ivo Cubi Cumar Marble and Granite. What do yo see that I can become? #hotrocks #couturestone #marble #stone... read more

Breathtaking moment just before the sun shifted  and changed everything.

A bravura performance by Mother Nature who never lets me down and always inspires/influence my design direction.

#primitivepower #mothernature #designbynature #hotrocks #couturestone



Chanel Boston

I work with the most amazing team at Cumar Marble and Granite- here we are viewing my co-worker Carlo’s project- the Peter Marino designed… super ROCK STAR Bath at the Channel boutique in Boston Ma.

#rockstar #Couturestone #hotrocks #Chanelboston

The beauty and peace linger in the sound of silence ….

It is  where one finds the secret recipe to restore creativity. It is a unique learning experience and can be the vital link for great inspiration!  A perfect piece of furniture for me  this stone chair.

Enjoying the Summer breeze, among the fragrant wildflowers,rejuvenated by the sea salt mist…this is where you will find me.

#hotrocks #couturestone #restoration

Searching far and wide for the unusual is the journey of any artist,designer, writer or composer.

Sometimes the music,art and inspiration are right in front of you .  The wind made the sea grass sing, the leaves in the background rattled a fast-paced rhythm & the colors gave the nostalgic glimpse of the Summer of 2015 and shifted into the October fall. The colors are a pallet I can’t wait to design around!

#hotrocks #couturestone #designinspriration


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